SET, has been in the market for the distribution and manufacture of padel rackets, bags and backpacks, and textiles for 7 years. Their constant innovation and commitment to I+D has led them to currently market their products both in Spain and in Italy, Belgium, Great Britain, Sweden, Finland, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Japan, Morocco and Luxembourg, among others. .

In fact, it is from the ‘know-how’ acquired in all that time that they have set out to develop the new SET brand to offer the public “incredible products with a sporting character”. "They are designed with elegance and sportiness, so that our amateur clients and professional players do not go unnoticed either on or off the court."

And if not, ask José Rico ‘Josete’ (Valencian player, No. 43 on the World Padel Tour), Óscar Vázquez (No. 225 WPT) and Javier Palasi (No. 251 WPT), sponsored by SET.

SET official sponsor Challenguer World Padel Tour.

Take care of the detail

Each of its rackets are different. And when one of them is tried, the sensation prevails that it is the shovel that was waiting, "the definitive one".

For SET, comfort, power, control, agility and durability define their rackets.

All of this makes the public "appreciate our firm SET as a‘ luxury brand ’". In other words, "a brand that cares for even the smallest detail and seeks perfection." Its aggressive designs and the combination of materials differentiate its products.

"We want to become an aspirational and prestigious brand" -assure in SET- "That all our customers want our products."